Brennan Clarke, Founder of Amborella Organics 

Brennan Clarke, Founder of Amborella Organics 

Growing up, I spent every weekend at my grandmothers apartment and together we tended to her balcony full of plants. I can’t recall a single television show I watched or text message that I sent during those visits, but I will always remember the smell of her tomato plants and the anticipation of seeing which plants had grown week-to-week. 

In 2011 I came up with the concept of housing a seed inside a lollipop stick. For me this was the perfect way to lure generations, both young and old back into the garden. 



Our intention at Amborella Organics, is for consumers to eat an organic lollipop— with hints of sage, rosemary, lavender, lemongrass, thyme, hibiscus and marigold— and plant their biodegradable stick, made from recycled paper into the soil to simultaneously decompose and grow. The heirloom seed, inside the lollipop stick correspond to the herb or flower inside our purpose driven candy. From the foraged flowers and herbs that shape our logo, to the turmeric and carrot natural dyes in our lollipops, Amborella Organics is a sustainable and eco-conscious company.

Combining delicious treats, natures beauty and sentiment brings this company full circle for me and we’re confident you will love this product as much as we do.